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THE Caring Team

Reaching Out to Members Who Need a Helping Hand

An Interview with Caring Team chair Liz Raymer (*)

Story by Charli Depner, photo by Richard Bermack


Ashby Village’s Caring Team mobilizes community outreach and support for members who are dealing with illness or other challenging circumstances. The need for the Caring Team has been expressed by Ashby Village members, but not everyone is familiar with it.  The concept was initiated by Andrea Mok, former program manager.


“If we hear about someone who might need support because of illness, bereavement, or a family emergency, we check in and see how we can help. Volunteers can assist with things like shopping, caring for pets or gardens. If the member needs more extensive assistance, we can make referrals to paid care” says Liz Raymer, who leads the Caring Team.


Currently, along with responding to members, the team is focused on two primary efforts:

  1. Getting the word out so that more members feel comfortable letting Ashby Village know when they need this service.
  2. Lining up more volunteers who would like to get involved with the Caring Team. The Caring Team’s goal is to have one or two Caring Team Coordinators in every neighborhood group. Currently the Clarewood, Hamlet, Emery Bunch, Kaleidoscope, North Berkeley and Outlandish, neighborhood groups have coordinators who liaison with the Caring Team.

The Caring Team serves an important function for the Ashby Village community, connecting people who need a helping hand with those who would like to offer one.  Liz Raymer put it this way, “This is very important because members may feel isolated or try to get through their crises without the support they need from the village.  They may not have friends or family nearby, but we are all part of the Ashby Village family.”


(*) In Loving Memory: Liz Raymer passed away November 2017.

Volunteer Lisa Nelbach and Caring Team Coordinator Liz Raymer at the 90+ Tea Party (May 2016)