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Literary story hour presents carson Mccullers at ashby village


On May 30, Ashby Village’s Hamlet and Kaleidoscope (Kensington) Neighborhood Groups hosted a joint potluck and live presentation from the Berkeley Public Library Adult Story Time. The latest production in the troupe’s Southern Gothic Voices series, Carson McCullers’ short story “A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud,” is a poignant dialogue between a weary traveler and a newspaper delivery boy about the science of love.

Adult Story Time believes that story time should not be reserved exclusively for children. Their productions are intended for ages 10 and up. Every word of the text is performed.  The topic resonated with the Ashby Village audience. One commented,  “I found myself relating to what the old man said for I also lost a love. It’s true- he finds me.  It “corners around sideways”.


The production was followed by a lively discussion between audience and cast.  An audience member summed up the good reviews,“This was excellent.  I enjoy theater and this was fascinating and well done.”