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Practical, daily services



Our most frequently requested service from Ashby Village members is driving. Volunteer drivers pick up members and drive them to and from various destinations: e.g., grocery stores, doctor’s offices, the post office, Village meetings, and even social and educational events.

Medical Companion/MedPals

They are generally trained volunteers, some of whom are retired medical professionals who assist members in navigating the complexities of the health care system. They can:
- Provide transportation to and from medical appointments, door through door in most cases
- Help formulate questions to present during the medical appointment
- Assist with filling out forms
- Take notes during a visit to the doctor
- Stay with a member for a short time after an outpatient surgery
- 90+ members with transportation
All information is kept strictly confidential to protect the privacy of the member and all notes taken belong to the member. MedPal volunteers do not give medical advice.

Handy Persons

Handy person volunteers might repair a leaky faucet, or get a sliding door back on its tracks or even change a light bulb in a hard-to-reach location. Volunteers assess the member’s request either by phone or in person, and then ask the member to buy the necessary supplies or materials. Each job should last no more than 3 hours.


Times are changing, and Ashby Village is changing with it. This category of service involves assisting with electronic equipment, such as a VCR, a DVD player, answering machines or other items. Nowadays almost every electronic appliance has digital settings (even if it’s just setting the clock).

Computer and Mobile Device Support

Many of our members find it difficult to keep up with ever-changing technology: they need help setting up a wireless connection or a new computer, they just don’t know how to use an iPad or a smart phone. Volunteers offer help with everything from computer problems to cell phones. Learn more about the technology team and their need for new volunteers!


Volunteers help do light weeding, planting, raking, and small tree and bush pruning, water gardens and indoor plants when members are on vacation or recovering from surgery. Volunteers might offer gardening advice on where plants and flowers will grow best.


Some members have lived in their homes for years and might need assistance with small one-time projects in the home. Volunteers can help with sorting and organizing through piles of belongings which can be invaluable to a member.


Short walks, board games, watching movies, sitting and chatting, etc. are some of the activities that volunteers participate in. This services meets a “one time” specific need. If a member wishes companionship on an ongoing basis, please check the services offered by the Connections Team.

Pet Care

Members often need someone to feed or walk their dogs, feed or provide lap time for cats, watch pets while members recuperating from surgery, vacation or because a member is not as active as they used to be.

Reading Aloud

Many Villagers, especially those with vision issues, need help with different forms of written documents. Volunteers could read a book or magazine article aloud, or help members read their email or snail mail messages.

Phone Friends

Some of our members feel safer if someone checks in with them on a weekly or even daily basis.

Food Prep

Members really appreciate a home-cooked meal, whether prepared either at your house or their's, especially on occasions like holidays or birthdays, or before or after an extended hospital stay.

Special Skills

For example: Help plan a party, help with sewing of knitting project, show how to check air pressure on car tires, help sell items on EBay.

This is an open-ended list. Member needs and volunteer opportunities will define our offerings.