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Board Transitions in 2015 


The Ashby Village Board has several specific goals for 2015:

  • Complete transition to new governance structure
  • Clarify roles and decision-making process with staff and volunteers (Program Leadership Team) regarding programs and policies.
  • Fully take on traditional board work of financial oversight, setting policy, raising and diversifying revenues, and strategic planning.                                               

Changing Board Role: As has always been the vision of Ashby Village’s founders, the creation in 2014 of the Program Leadership Team (PLT) has allowed program development to be assumed by the members and volunteers of the Village with oversight and facilitation by the professional staff. As a result, the Board is now able to transition from its “founding board” role, to more traditional board roles. The PLT is made up of leaders from committees with specific areas of concentration: Member Support, Neighborhood Group Council, Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition, Events, Outreach and Communications/Publications.


Board membership;  The new Board officers are: President, Andra Lichtenstein; Vice President, Laura Peck; Secretary, Betty Webster. Other Board members include: Bob Davis, Marcia Freedman, Steve Lustig, Roberta Pressman, Pat Sakai, and Pat Sussman. Joan Cole serves as PLT liaison to the Board. 

Board Committees:  The 2015 Board structure will be simplified to three primary committees: External Affairs (chaired by Steve Lustig), Internal Affairs (chaired by Pat Sussman), and Governance (chaired by Laura Peck). The External Affairs Committee oversees relations with other Villages, and with state and national Village organizations, as well as relationships with local government and services organizations.  They are working in partnership with San Francisco Village to explore corporate partnerships and business opportunities that will diversify Villages’ revenue streams.  The Development Committee is a subcommittee of the External Affairs Committee (co chairs, Pat Sakai and Jan Corazza). The Internal Affairs Committee provides oversight of finances, personnel, strategic planning and working directly with the Program Leadership Team. Finally, the Board’s Governance Committee oversees Board development, including member nominations and orientations, board terms and Board evaluations. There is also an Executive Committee (consisting of Board Officers), whose primary role is to set monthly meeting agendas.